If you are not satisfied with your kitchen’s current cabinet doors but do not have the money to hire a
professional contractor, then this article is for you. There are plenty of doing it yourself solutions for the
problem associated with cabinet doors. Check out some of our creative ideas and see if anything would fit
the style or needs of your kitchen.

Cabinet Doors: DIY Solutions

Cabinet Doors: DIY Solutions
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While redoing the cabinet doors in your kitchen might seem like a big undertaking, there are plenty of
renovations the average person can easily make to improve the appearance, functionality, and material of
their cabinets. In this article, we give you some ideas for updating or replacing your cabinet doors. If your
cabinet doors break, and you want to fix them, then we also have some tips for some easy solutions.

1) Update Your Pre Existing Cabinet Doors

1) Update Your Pre Existing Cabinet Doors
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Here are some do it yourself solutions for updating your pre-existing cabinets. Since some of these are
pretty severe design undertakings, we included some articles that will give you more detailed instructions.
Others methods involve painting.

Paint the Cabinet Doors

Painting the cabinet doors can be an easy way to update the look of some dull wooden cabinets. Just
make sure you choose a color that reflects the color scheme of the kitchen well. When paint cabinets you
should always remove the doors and the hinges so you can paint the cabinets themselves without

Before painting makes sure, you clean the grease of your cabinets with some wood cleaner. Then, give
the doors a proper rubbing with sandpaper, especially if they are a little rough around the edges. Also,
apply protective paper to the floors and walls, so you do not get paint anywhere you do not want it.

Add Glass Doors

If you are good with your hands and have the necessary tools, then you should turn some of your wooden
cabinet doors into glass doors. With these instructions from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer, you
can cut a rectangle into your entries and insert a plexiglass material that looks almost indistinguishable
from regular glass. This method might be a little of the expensive side, especially if you have never tried
to update something yourself, but the result is more than worth it.

Add Chicken Wire Doors

Chicken wire on cabinet doors give a similar see-through look as glass doors but gives off a slightly more
rustic feel. Chicken wire will automatically give your kitchen the feel of a modern plantation house right
from Southern Living. If you are interested in adding them to your kitchen, then just following the
instructions given on the glass door section and instead of using plexiglass, use a sheet of chicken wire.

2) Build Your Cabinet

2) Build Your Cabinet
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For more DIY severe enthusiasts, here are some ways to build your kitchen cabinets and doors from
scratch. Unlike, updating your cabinet doors or fixing them, this section is more complicated. As such, we
included some helpful and detailed guides for getting started. But make sure you are up for the challenge
before you begin.

Build A Base Cabinet

Cabinet bases are the types of cabinets that rest on the ground. If you want to make a cabinet base then
your well need to construct the following components with wood: cabinet base, surrounding box, supports
for the top and back, face frame for the front edges and the backboard. Ana White gives an excellent and
thorough walkthrough on her website which we highly recommend you follow if you are interested. Once
you construct your cabinets, then you will likely need to paint them.

Build a Corner Cabinet

Corner cabinets hang over the base cabinets and squeeze into a corner. These types of design allow for
more space in the assembly itself and even out the overall flow and design of the kitchen. Corner
cabinets feature the same kinds of components as base cabinets, but you must cut them into many
different angles. Luckily, Ana White provides another walk through for building these tricky cabinets.
In addition to wood and screws, you will also need a tape measure, speed square, pencil, safety glasses,
ear protection, Kreg jig, drill, miter saw, table saw, wood glue, Brad Nailer, sander, and a level.

Build a Refrigerator Cabinet Enclosure

Refrigerators that stand by themselves can often be eyesores in otherwise attractive looking kitchens.
One do it yourself solution is building an enclosure around the fridge. This construction does two things: it
matches the exterior of your cabinet with the rest of the kitchen, and it provides an extra office at the top
of the refrigerator. Here is a good HomeTalk article that gives a walkthrough on how to make one for your

3) Fix Your Cabinet Doors

3) Fix Your Cabinet Doors
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If you break your cabinets, then odds are you can probably fix it by yourself without any outside help. All
you need to know is what to do. Here are some of the most common solutions to problems associated
with cabinet doors.

Fix the Hinges of on Misaligned Doors

If you cabinet door has detached from the walls or does not line up straight, then it is likely a problem with
the hinges. Most of the time all you need to do is tighten a loose screw. However, this solution is not

always the case. If your door is misaligned, then loosen the depth screw and realign the cabinet door.
After you completed this, tighten the depth screw again.

Get Rid of Nicks and Scratches on the Cabinet Doors

No one likes the like of everyday nicks and scrapes of cabinets doors. One natural method you can try is
rubbing a walnut of the wood. Sometimes this process can make scuff come right out. Another technique
is a stain fill touch up marker. You can purchase these markers at hardware stores, and they fill up
scratches but shallow and deep.

Tighten Loose Latches or Catches

The latches or catches on cabinets are the objects that keep offices in their place after they close. Most of
the time these catches are made from a magnetic material or roller. The rollers, in particular, have a nasty
habit of breaking. Whether you are adjusting the latch or catch or replacing it with another one, the steps
are the same. Just loosen the screws on the lock, realign the door with the latch and then tighten the

Replace the Sliders on Older Cabinet Drawers

Broken or bent sliders on cabinets will not allow the cabinet doors to close correctly. Worse than that,
they can also damage the body of the box. Luckily replacing them is easy. First, make sure they need
replacing. Sometimes stiff sliders require some lubricant to keep themselves running. If this does not fix
the problem, then remove the cabinet and unscrew the sliders from the side of the cabinet. Then replace
the sliders with new ones. You can find these at most home supply stores, but make sure you but the
right size first.

Reattach Broken Knobs and Handles

If a knob or handle broke off of your cabinet doors, then the easiest solution is usually to glue it back.
Unless you are adamant about re-screwing it on, then apply some tread adhesive to the screw and then
fasten the broke knob or handle back on. Most tread adhesive only costs around three dollars at most
hobby or home supply stores, so this method is an easy fix for an annoying problem.

Fix Loud Banging Cabinet Doors

If your cabinet doors keep making loud noises and damage the cabinets themselves with their banging,
then there is an easy solution. Simple apply rubber bumpers to the bottom corners of the cabinet doors.
You can buy rubber bumpers at almost any hardware store. Applying them is as easy putting a sticker on
a piece of paper.

4) DIY Cabinet Repair Solution if You Are Renting

4) DIY Cabinet Repair Solution if You Are Renting
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If you rent your house or apartment, then odds are you are not allowed to paint or replace the cabinets.
Luckily, there are some easy ways you make temporary changes to the boxes. One way you can try is to
apply contact paper to the cabinets. This paper changes the color and stays on for several years, but you
can tear it off with ease when you decide you want to move out.

Another idea you can try is just removing the cabinet doors. Doing this step gives your kitchen a more
open transparent look. It also gives the illusion of more space. Another tip for disguising your cabinet
doors is replacing the handles or types with new or unusual designs. You can always replace the old
ones once you move out.

We hope this article either inspires you with some do it yourself home improvement ideas, or gives you
the knowledge to fix your cabinet doors. Some of these concepts are hard to do, and some are easy, but
you can accomplish all of them with perseverance and the right tools. Either way, we hope the effort
saved you some money that you would otherwise spend on a private contractor.

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