Let's get the fine print out of the way, sprucing up your bathroom may not always require a considerable investment. A little paint and a new mirror may be all you need to change the look of the room completely. If you’re selling your home, new paint in the bathroom and kitchen are good ideas. Bathroom and kitchen wall catch more abuse than any room in your house.

We know you want your bathroom to look your way, but bathroom ideas and trends from others may be the inspiration you need. We scoured all of our resources to find the top 10 bathroom ideas everyone is talking about. Some of these bathroom ideas come with a color scheme, but if you need help choosing colors try Sherwin Williams’ Color Snap visualizer online.

We’ll outline our ideas below, but they aren’t random like they appear. We’ve split the list into two sections to give you more options. The first section is for those of us that want to make some minor changes on our own like painting or changing the fixtures. The second section is for remodeling ideas and trends that require a lot of work or a contractor.
We urge you to do a lot of research and watch some videos before you attempt a major remodel on your own unless you have the experience and tools to pull it off. It’s much harder than it looks on television and they never show you the hard parts of remodeling. That said, few things feel better than remodeling a room or a house and seeing the job done and done well.

Top 5 Simple Bathroom Ideas

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Sometimes all a room needs are new accessories or a rearranging. 

If you enjoy soaking in your tub and reading, try adding a simple cocktail table to the bathroom. You’ll need to pick a color that matches the room and a design that fits well, but a cocktail table offers many benefits. For instance, it’s a great place to sit your wine glass while you read or just set things on it to add to the décor of the room.

Replace your mirror and fixtures with matte black versions. 

This idea only works well if your walls are painted with light colors and the room is well lit. Dark cabinets and shower curtains really help this look work. Homeowners are moving away from flashy fixtures and opting for darker colors in matte or brushed finishes. Change your light fixtures and get rid of that single light on the ceiling or that wretched fluorescent light over the vanity.

Install wall sconces instead.

If you added the cocktail table, try to find sconces that match the table. Matte black or brushed aluminum finishes look great if your design the room for them.

You’ll be amazed at how this small change helps the room.

Consider adding furniture to the room. 

No, don’t put a couch in there just yet, but think about freestanding furniture. Head over to any local furniture store and look for freestanding cabinets that match your bathroom unless you plan to change the colors of the room.

Glass doors on the cabinet

offer an easy view of what’s inside in case guests can’t find a towel. Another bathroom trend we see more often is mirrors. A single mirror over the vanity doesn’t do much to open up the room. Adding mirrors down the length of the wall opposite your tub or shower serves several purposes including making the room look larger and helping bounce light around in it. Don’t cover the wall from top to bottom; start the mirrors about waist high.

These five ideas take simple changes and turn them into significant results. We consider anything that doesn’t require power tools a simple job. That said, plan your simple changes like you would a big project. Consider changing the color and adding drapes or wallpaper if necessary. Unless you have a 600

square foot bathroom, these are still simple changes you can pull off over the weekend.

Top 5 Major Bathroom Ideas

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Add more storage space

to your bathroom because you never have enough room to hide things. Bathrooms are notorious for their single vanity and medicine cabinet designs with no thought to storage. A hall closet often ends up doubling as a storage space for bathroom items like toilet paper and towels.

Think vertical 

add cabinets down and up an entire wall with double sinks in the middle. Get rid of your tub unless you need it for one of the other bathroom ideas. Replace the tub area with a large glass shower enclosure or tile and glass enclosure.

Multiple shower heads

a gift to yourself and anyone that uses your shower, so include those in this remodeling project. This is an advanced project, so use a contractor.

Replace or add tile to the walls and floor.

Tile is more durable and easier to clean than most floor and wall coverings. Again, make sure you design the room around this look, but herringbone tile floors and 3D wall tiles are gaining ground in home design.

Check with your local home supply store

for samples and ideas on colors or styles. Add music and video to your bathroom or even the shower. This bathroom idea may be simple or complex depending on how far you take it. 

We like the idea of watching and listening to the news while we shower. It saves time and lets you show off when your friends come over. This idea is especially helpful if you’re prone to taking long showers or soaking in your tub without a book. If you plan to redo the floor or cover it in tile, consider adding heaters under them. Heated bathroom floors add a comfort level that you may not want to leave. Installing the heaters is simple if you have experience laying tile. If not, most flooring contractors offer the option, but it may be expensive.

Bathroom Tips and Hacks

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Our top 10 bathroom ideas may not fit your needs, or the price may be too high for what you had in mind. Subtle changes can improve some things including adding a little storage or just making it easier to keep the place clean. Let’s take a look at these bonus ideas designed to make your life easier and keep you organized.

Short of a Lego, few things hurt worse than stepping on the plug from your hair dryer or curling iron. You can solve this problem by screwing a magazine holder to the inside of a cabinet drawer. Most regular hair dryers fit in them perfectly. Store your curling or flat iron behind the hair dryer. If you have the cabinet space, this is a great idea that’s cheap and easy to do yourself. Get rid of your old towel bars or towel rings and try using coat hooks instead. Your local home supply
store probably carries a dozen varieties of coat hooks. Install a shelf on the wall and mount the coat hooks under the shelf. You can sore things on the shelf and hang several towels on the coat hooks. It adds usability, storage, and design flair to your bathroom. While we’re talking about shelves, consider adding a wooden bookshelf over your bathroom door. It’s out of the way and adds some storage options to the room as well. Like we mentioned before, storage space is essential, and you need to think vertically instead of traditionally. If you don’t have much clearance above the door, add the shelf anyway and fill it with whatever fits. If you’re married to the idea of having towel bars, don’t skimp on them. Add three or four towel bars to the back of your bathroom door or the inside of a bathroom closet door. We're not sure why bathrooms traditionally get one or two towel bars, and that's it. It’s possible that additional towel bars may improve your towel storage woes as well if your cabinet space is limited. If your bathroom mirror is plain cut mirror glass or even a beveled mirror, you may like the idea of adding molding around the mirror to give it a sleek look. Cheap door framing or any molding you want should work ok for most mirrors. If you don't know how to cut corners to make a frame, get someone
that knows how to help you. Learning on your own is difficult.

Some Final Notes

You may find our list a little long for a top ten list, and that's ok with us. A few of the bathroom ideas may get complicated or require special tools, so don’t take any chances if you’re unsure of your carpentry skills. Recruit a friend to help or talk to a contractor before you get too far into the job. Convincing a contractor to fix a botched remodeling job gets expensive.

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