Measure twice, cut once. It’s one of the first things you hear about construction, and it’s great advice. When you are willing to measure twice and cut once, you’ll reap a whole host of rewards. You’ll save time, money, and frustration while you’re out on a site – all while feeling more confidence and like more of a professional. This is the best advice a builder can’t afford to ignore.

1. It Increases Confidence

When you work on any kind of job that involves measuring, there’s usually a reasonable fear that you will mess something up. When you follow the old adage of measure twice, cut once, though, you’ll be able to work with a bit more confidence. This might seem like a small thing at first, but having more confidence in your abilities really will help you to accomplish your projects with more ease. Instead of having the nagging fear that you’ve measured poorly in the back of your mind, just put in the effort to be more careful. Soon, you’ll be able to walk through any construction project with a sense of confidence and ease.

2. It Saves Time

The reason that most people avoid measure twice, cut once process is because they think it takes too long. They’re out on a job site and moving as quickly as possible, knowing that accomplishing the job quickly is the goal. Measuring twice really doesn’t take any extra time, though, especially when compared with the time it takes to have to move the piece where it is going and finding out that you mis-measured. If you can spare a few seconds, you might able to save several minutes. After all, doing the job correctly is always the fastest way to ensure you won’t have to do it again.

3. It Saves Money

Measure twice, cut once and save more money. When you measure something twice, you’re making the most out of the resources you have. If you measure poorly, you might not be able to salvage the materials with which you are working. While this might not be a huge problem if you cut a 2×4 a little long, it’s a huge issue if you caused a slab of marble to be too short for home use. Cutting poorly can be incredibly costly, so any time you spend measuring really is time well spent. The more time you’re willing to use in measuring, the less money you’ll end up spending on mistakes.

4. It Makes You Look Professional

Have you ever watched someone who is incredibly competent work at their job? If you have, you notice that they don’t make a lot of mistakes. Sure, the odd problem might occur but they are always able to dance around the little things. Measure twice, cut once is one of those rules that professionals always abide by, helping them to avoid embarrassment along the way. If you want to look like a real professional while you are in the midst of a major DIY project, cut down on your mistakes by being more careful with your measurements.

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5. It Can Prevent Disasters

If you’re willing to measure twice and cut once, you’re showing an incredibly reasonable attitude. You’re not just taking the time to make sure your measurements are correct – you are helping to remind yourself that every aspect of construction must be paid attention to in order avoid disasters. Slowing yourself down will help you to pay better attention to your site, avoid costly mistakes, and catch the little problems that could turn into major disasters. Measure twice, cut once isn’t just a clever saying – it’s an attitude that can help you keep your entire construction site safe.

6. It’s too Easy to Avoid

Perhaps the best reason to measure twice and cut once is that it’s simple. It takes no time, no money, and no training to measure something a second time. If you were able to measure something one time, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it again. Keep your tape measure out, go over your materials again, and you’re done. It might sound frustrating to do something more than once, but it’s precisely the sort of thing that is too basic to avoid. Consider this the bedrock foundation of your construction career and you probably won’t go wrong in the future.

Summing Up

There are many good reasons to measure twice, cut once when you are in the middle of a building project. It helps you to keep your site safe, to avoid disasters, and it saves you both time and money. It’s one of the best ways to make sure you’re able to move through a project without undue delay, so make sure you’re always willing to go over things with a bit of extra care.

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