Decorating may be fun, but often it’s also hard. There are so many ideas and designs on the market, along with specific styles, to consider that it can be difficult to choose exactly what you want.

Plus, you must consider the type of house and floor plan that you’re dealing with. Then there’s always the question of “what if I don’t like it at the end?”

It’s not always tough, though.

Choosing the perfect furniture and styling for your living room can be an exciting, invigorating experience, provided you have an idea in mind from the start. There’s no reason to randomly throw stuff together.

The best part about any decorating is that you can always change it, so just remember that when jumping in. Now, without further ado, let’s see some of the best living room ideas you can use to spice up your space.

Our Picks for Living Room Ideas

cozy living room
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Image via: Pixabay

If you’ve been searching for that specific look but can’t quite put your finger on what you want, you’ve come to the rightplace.

Below you’ll find 12 unique options that should provide you with plenty to consider when giving your room a makeover.

1. Using the Mid-Century Modern Style

One of the top living room ideas you’ll find today is the mid-century modern styling.

Call us crazy, but in today’s market, plenty of people are looking to have some retro in their lives, and there’s no better way to do so than in a space you’ll use often.

A mid-century modern design consists of clean, industrial lines, using exposed beams and railing to fulfill a clean and modern look. The idea is to keep everything of a specific shape, and it’s easy to see why the style is so pleasing to the eye.

2. Head for the Woods with a Log Cabin Look

log cabin living room
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Image via: Pixabay

If mid-century is too advanced and clean for you, using wood and more wood can create a very homey, warm feeling space.

Using warm, darker colors and big, bold wooden beams and tables, you’ll be ready for your morning coffee or tea every day. Plus, if you have a fireplace to build around, the cabin-based style can make it even better.

Otherwise known as a rustic design, if bold and beautiful are your thing, this may be the living room idea you’ve been looking for.

3. Going All-in on Minimalist Spaces

If you’d rather not have wood spewing out from all sides, a minimalist living room idea may be what you’re searching for.

These designs often have no clutter visible, and most of the room is comprised of necessary furniture. You’ll also find minimal extra decorations, so if you want the walls and a few pictures up, this may be the way to go.

A minimalist design works best with older buildings that want a modern touch, or a modern building that you’d like to keep looking clean.

4. Restrict Your Color Palette

living nterior design
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Image via: Pixabay

This isn’t so much of a specific design as it is advised.

No matter the living room space you’re trying to fill, using earth and natural colors are always a solid choice. These can compose of grays, creams, and even whites and blacks. The best part is that you accent your basic color choice with a sharper orange, deep blue, or forest green to compliment everything.

It may seem boring at first, but over time, you’ll learn that sometimes the less color the better on the eyes.

5. Lighting Is Just as Important as Design

Are you often searching for a light switch or finding that you can’t see at certain points of the day?

If so, you’ll want to focus your living room design on improving the lighting. This is a key portion of any room that is always overlooked yet can pay big dividends. For any lighting, you’ll want fluorescent bulbs, and the fixture itself should have enough power to fill the room.

Of course, if you have access to windows, using them is crucial.

6. Just Add an Accent Wall

Again, if you don’t want to invest in a design, painting an accent wall can be a great way to throw some pop into a space.

With an accent wall, you’re able to highlight a specific feature or space in the room. These can be walls that a fireplace or big picture frame utilizes and really can add to the texture of the space. While paint is the easiest wall to do, you also have the option of installing faux brick or stone to really make the space pop.

​7. Use Live (or Fake) Plants to Create Another Dimension

living room design
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Image via: Pixabay

Having live plants in the house isn’t for everyone, but if you’re up to it, they can create a very nice aesthetic design.

The best part is you can put them almost anywhere, even in the corners, to fill a blank space without it becoming over-decorated or crowded.

If you’d rather not care for live plants, fake ones can be an even better investment. From afar, they look identical and can really add a sense of coziness to the room.

​8. Throw Down a Statement Rug for Everyone to See

There’s no reason to paint an accent wall or to add a bunch of color when you have a giant area rug to do that for you.

Anyone can get a nice, patterned carpet to lay at their feet, and this alone can really play-up any neutral, or natural, colored furniture. It’s also an inexpensive way to revamp a space, and it’s easy to add accent pillows to chairs and tables too.

9. Scandinavian Style Is Another Option

A Scandinavian-styled room is one that has a light and airy feeling all-around.

It basically borrows designs from modern, mid-century modern, and using plants and direct lines to fill the space. The result can be a great illusion of added space and is a great design when dealing with a small area needing to appear bigger.

This is among one of the top living room ideas around, as it creates a calming and meditative space. Plus, who doesn’t like Scandinavian food?

​10. Using Art as a Focal Point

living room
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Image via: Pixabay

If you’re going for a more modern design, using big and definitive art pieces is the way to go.

Gone are the days of wanting, and having, numerous art fixtures on every wall. Instead, the best option is to have one giant piece to take center stage. The choice you make can be as crazy as you want, along with having plenty of color or patterns, but make it a single piece.

The key is simply avoiding any type of gallery-style arrangement. 

​11. Grab a Taste of the Southwest

If you’re a fan of rustic or cozy, why not consider the Southwestern style for your living room?

Much of this style stems from the fresh and vibrant charm, along with a bit of rustic accenting to finish it off. There’s incorporation of Spanish and South designs thrown into one here, making it a lively finish if that’s your thing.

With this styling, you’ll have plenty of decorations consisting of Aztec prints, wood finishes, skulls (mainly cow), along with Mexican blankets to accent everything.

This is also a great choice if you have an outdoor space that sees a lot of sunlight or have a pool on your property.

​12. Rearrange the Entire Space

If none of the tips above have sounded enticing, the most basic living room idea to try is simply rearranging.

Reorganizing your space may sound like a drag, but once you’re in the act, it’s an enjoyable experience that can leave you satisfied. Money isn’t always the answer, so if you’d rather just use what you already have on-site, moving stuff around can be a big deal.

It can improve the space and flow of the room, making it more inviting, and restructuring also helps you feel a sense of completion after it’s done.

The Best Living Room Ideas Freshen Up the Space

living room chairs
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Image via: Pixabay

At the end of the day, the best living room ideas around allow your space to feel fresh and inviting, without breaking the bank.

This comes in a variety of ways, and there are plenty of tips to consider when undergoing the procedure. It’s easy to getcaught up in what the world wants your space to look like, so just remember that whatever you want to do should come first.

You can always change it up later.

There’s also no reason to be stuck on a design or idea forever, should you choose to feel it becoming stale.

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