The barn door. A once big, red creation that was solely used to keep animals and hay inside a barn now has many different uses, even inside your home.

If you’re looking for a unique and trendy way to sink some serious makeover mojo into any room in your house, installing a door that’s meant for the outdoors can be a great choice. Most of these designs are solid pieces of craftsmanship that are hooked up to hinges to slide

Instead of your standard door handle, these openings just glide either direction when in use.

They’re a great way to spruce up an area and can even add value to the home itself. One key way to do this is through a specific design.

Sure, all barn doors may operate the same, by swinging open, but there are plenty of different tricks to create the perfect door for your space.

Today, we’ll check out some of these designs.

First, Consider Building Your Own

wood carving
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Image by Graham Hobster from Pixabay 

If you’re like us and want to provide your space with the ultimate DIY makeover, consider crafting a barn door yourself.

Most doors are made from real wooden doors that simply were going to be recycled or scrapped, making it easy to find the materials necessary. This doesn’t work well, though, if you’re planning something a bit more modern, such as all-glass sliding doors.

The hardest part about installing any barn door is simply having the space to do it, and the hardware needed for the sliding mechanisms. So, if you’re willing and able to do so, it’s a great option before ordering one to be made for you.

Overall, there are plenty of designs to consider for the redecoration of your home, no matter if you want to build one, or simply order one.

As such, let’s see some of the most popular projects. The designs you’ll find below are all options that a third-party would easily be able to craft for you. Just note that these styles don’t come cheap unless you want to make your own!

Our Choices for the Top Barn Doors

green barn door
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Image from Pexels

1. The Classic Barn Layout

If you’d like to impress your friends and family without having to do a complete home makeover, the classic barn layout can be the perfect solution.

A classic wooden door that opens on both sides can work wonders for a specific floor layout, such as adding an open
feeling to your living or dining rooms, while also proving to be an accent piece.

One of the best reasons to consider this style is that there isn’t much work you need to do. The best way to obtain an
older wooden door is simply scope out some old barns around you that are no longer in use and see if the doors are

Of course, as we’ve talked about before, you can have someone make one if you’d rather.

But, repurposing an otherwise mistreated or forgotten door can be a truly fulfilling project and experience.  

Also, with this style, you can customize the color of stain or paint to a tee, allowing you more freedom than if you
were to use a glass panel.

2. A Modern Touch Made of Glass and Metal

Speaking of glass panel doors, there is a modern take on the barn door style that is more industrial than agricultural.

Today, you can find doors that utilize metal frames with glass panels, complete with chrome-accented handles. It may
be a bit much for some, but others will like the flexibility of having a sliding door that still feels modern.

These doors are suitable for building that is either very old, to add some modern fashion to it, or you could use them inside a sparkling-new place. Either way, they can create a dramatic experience that is quite different than a standard wooden fixture.

Just make sure you have the right décor to match on the inside, or else the project may not turn out how you want it to.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

3. Going Bold with Different Sources of Wood

If you’d like to truly be bold and set your living space apart from others, consider implementing a barn door design that houses two different sources of wood.

These pieces of wood can create a startling contrast, all while offering a unique texture and dimension to the space, which ultimately creates a wonderful addition to most rooms.

Be cautious though, as it’s unnecessary to get over-creative with textures and the number of sources used in the design. Though it may seem cool at the moment, there’s little reason to overdue a wooden barn door.

Another twist of this design is the Full X panel.

Instead of different sources of wood, this style uses your standard “X” found on older, real barn doors and adds it inside the frame. The result is a design that, when painted red, is hard to tell from the real thing.

4. Going Outdoorsy and Implementing a Log House Design

If you want a striking way of creating an entrance to your new master bedroom or entertainment area, consider using a log house design.

These style of barn doors work just like you imagine: creating the effect of a log cabin-based structure for a door.
Using a design like this works best if you have dramatic lighting or entryway areas that utilize big spaces, and of course the outdoor features to back it up on the inside.

Often, you can find this style very similar to a castle door that you might see in the movies. These may have big iron
hinges on the sides, with actual knockers in the middle.

Sometimes, you can even find window panels used on the top end.

All we’re saying is that this is one of the only designs that gives you a sense of awe when you see it and can feel like a fantasy for some.

5. If You’re Creative or Have Kids, Build a Chalkboard Door

Many of you probably have some little, or big, ones still at home running around, and if you want a fun way to keep them around, think about installing a barn door that has chalkboard paneling inside.

These doors can be expensive, even if you build one yourself, but add a completely different look to any room. One of the most common placements of this door is in the pantry area. It can help you keep track of what you have on the inside, along with keeping your schedule and calendar on the outside.

Now, instead of using your fancy refrigerator to do so, you can just use a door panel.

Sure, some of you may think this to be too much work and clean up, along with the deteriorating look of the board over time, but some will find this clever. It’s hard to dismiss the idea of waking up Saturday morning to draw on your own door.

Designing Your Own Door Is Also an Option

barn at grass
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Photo by Jennifer Murray from Pexels

This does, somewhat, go together with making your own, as you’re the chief designer as well, but if you’d like to design your own door and have someone else build it, there are options to do so.

There are plenty of places that will build the door for you, provided you give them the design. This is a great option to
consider if you don’t feel comfortable building or repurposing an older door, but still want that barnyard look around the house.

Plus, if you can find an experienced builder, the styles you can choose from increase dramatically.

It’s a great way to still add some custom flavor to the mix, all while not having to worry about the creation part.

The door would be one of a kind too, which is always neat to have.

Adding a Barn Door Can Be a Great Project

It’s hard to argue with some photos of a well-done barn door project.

Seriously, there are some makeovers out there that can flat-out knock your socks off. One thing to always remember
before investing in any new sliding door is the space. The area you plan to install the door should be able to, easily we might add, accommodate a new, freestanding door.

There’s no reason to force the design into a space that really shouldn’t use it, so just keep that in mind.

If you have the space, though, go all-in on a new door. These are sturdy structures that add a homey feel to any room, all while being a decoration.

It can be hard to find a piece of equipment that doubles as functional and beautiful, but the use of a barn door on the
inside of your home is one such device.

Time to get out the blueprints and start planning.

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